Thursday, October 27, 2005

[FYI] Yamakishi

(or, Why It Takes Me Two Hours To Go To The Store)
  • If you're a new supermarket cashier, you might want to remember your physics lessons from school when filling the grocery basket. For example, if you put ALL the very heavy things on one side, and all the very light things on the other, it might tip over when picked up. This is especially bad if you've simply set flat items on top, because they will spill out all over the floor. On the other hand, it will look like the customer is at fault, so you can just ignore the resulting mess and start checking out the next person.
  • If you manage a store that sells kerosene, and you sell said kerosene at a pump outside, and you have a button to press to call an attendant out to pump the kerosene, and you have at least THREE signs pointing to this button, it MIGHT be a good idea to make sure the button actually works.
  • If you drive a black car, and the sun has set, you MIGHT want to turn your headlights on so other drivers can see you. This way, you don't almost T-Bone someone in their tiny little yellow-plate because they went through the intersection you were stealthily approaching.

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