Sunday, October 02, 2005

[Thought] What Is Wrong With Microsoft

If you go here, to an official Microsoft support page, you can download the "enum.exe" package.

The link they send you to is for a file 86.2kb in size. It is a Win32 Cabinet self-extractor.

Inside the cabinet file is another file named 'enum.exe', so you can't extract it to the same directory without first renaming the original. This file is 29kb in size. It is a WinZip self-extractor. We've gone from 86.2kb to 29kb and we're still at the same point (a self-extracting file). Bloat and overhead more than doubled the filesize.

Inside the WinZip file is YET ANOTHER file named 'enum.exe'. I kid you not.

This is the actual file we need. It is 6.5kb in size. The final file is less than 1/13th the size of the original download.

You'd think they could have just let us download that file directly.


  1. You should do what me and Emily did: switch to Apple. The grass is greener on this side.

  2. I'm poor and colorblind. I can't afford Apple's more-expensive hardware, and I have to take your word on the grass color. ^_^

    I'm thinking of switching my laptop to Ubuntu linux.

  3. The best part about open source updates: They're free.