Sunday, October 23, 2005

[Link] Japanese Resources

Heisig's "Remembering the Kanji" preview PDF can be found here. Also helpful are JFC (Japanese Flash Cards) and JWPce (Japanese Word Processor, but I use it to edit my flashcard lists for JFC). They can be found here. Finally, get the Heisig kanji list for JFC from here.

For Japanese games, there are two main options (my reviews of these two can be found here):

1) Project: LRNJ (aka, Slime Forrest Adventure). It can be found here.
2) KiCL (aka, Knuckles in China Land). It can be found here, and my Heisig kanji list for that program used to be there too. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that I had to personally log in to the file host once a month or they would delete my account. If I find a stable file host, I'll repost it. In the meantime, there are other lists you can download from the KiCL site that you may like better, especially if you don't go the Heisig route.

I made a forum to kind of organize my Japanese resources (located here). Unfortunately, I haven't had time to spread the word about it, so it's pretty much just my own resources so far. ^_^


  1. Thank you for your link to my site.

  2. Could you email me your Heisig list for KiCL? It would save me a LOT of time typing. stshores24 at gmail dot com. Thanks!