Monday, October 31, 2005

[OCD] If You're Obsessive-Compulsive And You Know It...

...clap your hands! And keep clapping them until you get it right!

Someone moved my hashi again this week. They weren't were I left them last week. It's still not as bad as the wet-toothbrush incident.

But the realization that I, of course, still remember the position my hashi were left in from last Wednesday positively paled in comparison to what I did today.

I rearranged the milk bottles in the fridge.

Every school lunch, we get these small bottles of milk (actual glass bottles, like America used to have). We often have some left over, and they go in the teacher's refrigerator. But, since we have so many left, often some are lost to spoilage. Since I like having milk in my coffee, I decided to do what I could to minimize the damage.

All perfectly logical, right?

Well, the effect was that I arranged the milk bottles in perfect lines, with near expiration dates in the front and far expiration dates in the back (or on a lower shelf), with said expiration dates rotated to the front for easy viewing.

It started out as a good idea, and I took it too far. I'm reminded of a West Wing quote, which I shall paraphrase:
Josiah Bartlet: You know that line you're not supposed to cross?
C.J. Cregg: I'm coming up to it?
Josiah Bartlet: No, no. Look behind you.

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  1. I probably would have done the same thing were I in that situation.