Friday, October 28, 2005

[Work] You Tell Me This NOW?

Today is Saturday. It is around 11:15AM. My supervisor just called.

It seems that we have school tomorrow, on Sunday, and everyone forgot to tell me. Again.

Of course, I won't have any classes; it's a 'test-return' day. And I won't have lunch, since they stopped ordering me obento boxes because I wasn't eating enough out of them. So, basically, tomorrow is a come-to-work-and-sit-at-your-desk-ALL-day day.



  1. I wish my work would order me obento. Hell, I wish I could find obento boxes in Spokane at all. I miss Hawaii.

  2. Improve your daytime energy levels. Tone and build lean muscle.

  3. I could do that, but I think I will, instead, drink lots of coffee and sit in front of my computer all day reading web pages.