Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Future

I turned on my Nintendo DS, and instead of the usual musical notes it played some high-pitched chimes.

What? Are the speakers broken? No, the sounds in the games work fine...

Yeah, this is a feature of the DS. It knows that today is my birthday, so it played a slightly different opening.

That's right, I was just wished happy birthday by a machine! In case you didn't realize that we're living in the future!


  1. The machine is more of your friend than I am! I'm just wishing you a happy birthday so that I'll get invited to your party which I hope you are still planning on throwing. Get me the details.

    Happy birthday! (I totally meant that)

  2. It doesn't look like there will be any party, and instead, I will be homeless by the end of the month.

    So.... there's that. :-/