Friday, October 02, 2009


At least two people I know want to turn their troubled relationships into troubled marriages.
"While we expect marriage to be 'happily ever after,' the truth is that neither marriage nor divorce seem to have a decisive impact on happiness. Studies have found that after a couple years of marriage, people are just about as happy (or unhappy) as they were before settling down. And assuming that marriage will automatically provide contentment is itself a surefire recipe for misery. Marriage is not supposed to make you happy. It is supposed to make you married."
- (Shulman 2004)

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  1. If we are on reddit then I cannot upvote this enough. Shulman pretty much summed it up. If you cannot figure out how to solve your relationship problem now, then you won't know how to solve it later on, married or not.

    Not that I believe in this artificial "bond", but people need to be smarter so they don't end up divorcing and get themselves into loads of problems afterward.