Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10th

Today is October 10th, and ... there's really no holiday.

In Japan, this used to be Health and Sports day, but that was moved to the 2nd Monday of October (this year, it is the 12th). So... what do we do now? Make up our own holiday?

I could move my birthday forward four days, no problem. I could celebrate it as Phoenix Day! Yeah! It'll be like "The Christmas In September", only, like, in October. The Christmas In September In October? Kind of wordy. Phoenix Day* is much better.

What's really perfect about this plan is that it's also World Mental Health Day today! Mwahahahaha!

*Now, in a few years this search might actually return something! Hopefully not because Felicia Day had a kid named Phoenix. A daughter.


  1. In Taiwan today's the "double 10" day. Our "independence day".

  2. Ah! How did I miss that‽ I was specifically looking for 10/10 holidays!