Thursday, October 15, 2009

Piano Bar

So, Spokane has a piano bar

I don't know how it came up, but my sister and I decided to go there for our birthday this year. I'll give you a quick rundown of the evening, Twitter-style (but since I hadn't bothered to setup my phone for Twitter, these aren't actual tweets. God, I just used 'tweet' for the first time).


9:30 Dueling pianos played Billy Jean (briefly).
9:45 Night is young, girls already kissing. I think. Wish I had worn glasses.
9:55 Apparently, anyone can sing with the piano. Like karaoke.
10:03 Our party has taken over the bar.
10:08 Lenny sings dirty Happy Birthday to my sister. :-/
10:18 Wisdom from my other sister: Alcohol is Tylenol PM that costs $50.
10:41 Piano-man is singing Don't Cha. It's awesome.
10:55 I would imagine that the girls being loud in the bathroom don't realize we can hear them.
11:14 Sex on the Piano - My other sister's new favorite drink.
11:26 Piano-man is closing with I Kissed a Girl.
11:30 Piano-man is still playing. He keeps saying this is the last song (he was scheduled to stop at 11:00) but people keep requesting...
11:44 My birthday sister tries to surprise me with a dance. Now we're both embarrassed.**
11:48 Piano-man (whose name is Christan*) ends his set for real, with Hey Jude.
11:55 Apparently now it's time for another bar. Should have taken that ride home when I had the chance.

** even though we TALKED in the car-ride over about how my knees don't work (especially right now; the right-kneecap is bruised through to the other side, it feels like. It hurts as bad as my broken right hand***)

*** that is a lie.

I didn't have any notes after that (although my right nipple is fairly bruised for some reason). :-/

Anyway, Gibliano Brothers was a lot of fun. I'll have to convince my other friends to check it out some time (HINT, you guys!). It was a light crowd (well, it _was_ a Wednesday) and we almost had the run of the place. The piano-man did play Billy Jean again on his own, but didn't know enough Michael to sate the hungry crowd. It was a treat to hear Nine Inch Nails and .... man I can't even remember all the songs he played. During the really good songs, I was too busy listening to take notes. :-/ He never did play Baby Got Back (which was requested many times) although he did close out (for really real) with Fat Bottomed Girls.

*Spelled 'Christien' on their website. I must have misheard him. :-/

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  1. Now that makes me REALLY want to pick playing piano back up.

    One day...