Friday, October 09, 2009

Motion Portrait

Big deal, right? Just another picture of Phoenix in a wig. Or... is it?

Actually, it's a Motion Portrait.

I uploaded a picture of myself, and it did the rest. Really, a static image just doesn't convey the effect, because on the site I'm looking around, smiling, blinking, etc. It's like the pictures in Harry Potter.

You can change the wig or facial hair and save a snapshot, although the snapshots they generate always put your face back to neutral (meaning, the same as the uploaded photo) instead of whichever way you're looking at the time. Oh well.

Some tips on the photo you upload:
  • Straight-on head shot. Don't turn your head even a little. This affects EVERYTHING.
  • Close-cropped or tied-down hair, otherwise it will poke out through the wigs/hats.
  • No facial hair. It has trouble finding your chin through that forrest.
  • No background. It needs to know where your head ends.
You can get a pretty interesting (if a bit creepy) effect. It's not quite as good as real-life (especially when it blinks), but it's getting closer.

1 comment:

  1. You could save a flash vid of your MO and share it with other people!