Monday, October 05, 2009

The Sneeze

I don't Twitter, but I do sometimes run across people that twitter (in my car, HO!).

Steve "The Sneeze" twitters. Here are some of the gems that you've been missing:
# I think I'm turning into my mother. I was just nagging the kids to make their beds. And then I had sex with my dad.
10:01 AM Aug 13th from Tweetie

# Told my son on 1st day of kindergarten they make you fight a gorilla. He didn't believe me. I should show up in a gorilla suit
8:22 AM Aug 17th from web

# So typical. I had no interest in buying Marvel until Disney did and now I'm pissed at myself.
10:43 AM Aug 31st from web

# My favorite part of going to the dyslexic bakery is when you order a dozen and they give you 31.
11:02 AM Aug 31st from web

# My wife always laughs when I say I have PMS, so this weekend I bled through my vagina. Who's laughing NOW?
2:17 PM Aug 31st from Twittelator
If you tweet (and there's really no reason why you should), and you can't seem to stop yourself, check him out.

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  1. See, the funny thing about this is that of course now I do twitter. Forward-posting strikes again!